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Topic Positions A-Z (© Unsplash/Nathan Wright)


GDV represents the interests of the insurance sector vis-à-vis politicians. The industry is of great importance for the entire national economy. The topics with which the association contributes to the political discourse are correspondingly diverse and extensive.

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Germany is facing crucial years. The new federal government promises a "coalition of modernisation" and dares to make more progress. The war in the Ukraine has shifted priorities in the political agenda of the German government, in Germany and in Europe. We show in our policy positions the topics in which we want to get involved in the upcoming political debates and projects to achieve joint results.

Our positions

  • Sustainability

    The green transformation of the economy is an enormous undertaking. Insurers supported the goal with their own initiatives. They can also drive renewal in other sectors: as investors, risk takers, and prevention experts. Learn more

  • Climate protection and climate change

    Climate change has long been underway - with dramatic consequences in this country as well. For the future, the focus must be on containing the effects: via structural adjustments, better education and an expansion of insurance coverage. Learn more

  • Digitisation

    Digital services are increasingly determining people's everyday lives and the success of undertakings. Legislators must keep both in mind: data protection and economic potential. Insurers also want to take advantage of innovations. Learn more

  • Regulation

    Insurers can use their enormous capital to drive Germany's modernisation and decarbonisation. Their financial strength should therefore not be unjustifiably restricted, but rather private investment should be facilitated. Learn more

  • Working world

    Corona and digitisation have changed the working world. This also results in new requirements for insurers: Forms of work such as crowdwork and platform work should be possible. Mobile work should be further facilitated. Learn more

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