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© Christian Kruppa / GDV


The association's highest ranking executive is the Chief Executive Officer, who reports to the GDV Board and is supported by two Deputy Chief Executive Officers.


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  • Götz Treber (© Christian Kruppa / GDV)
    Götz Treber
    Head of Centre of Competence Corporate Management and Regulation
  • Karen Bartel
    Karen Bartel
    Head of Legal/Compliance/Consumer Protection
  • © GDV / Christian Kruppa
    Dr. Paul Berenberg-Gossler
    Head of Economics and Financial Markets
  • Lenka De Mauro
    Lenka De Mauro
    Head of European and International Affairs
  • N.N.
    Coordination Office Member Services
  • Elisabeth Stiller (© Christian Kruppa / GDV)
    Elisabeth Stiller
    Head of Insurance Distribution
  • Judith Storm
    Coordination Office Digitalization
  • Daniela Werner
    Head of Communications
  • © GDV
    Dr. Michaela Willert
    Coordination Office Sustainability

Centre of Competence: Retirement provision and planning for the future
Head: N.N.

  • Ilka Houben (© Monika Gross)
    Ilka Houben
    Head of Pension Policy
  • Thomas Menning (© Christian Kruppa / GDV)
    Thomas Menning
    Head of Mathematics and Products

Centre of Competence: Risk Prevention for Society and Business
Head: Anja Käfer-Rohrbach

  • © Dominik Butzmann / GDV
    Maike Lamping
    Head of Motor Insurance, Automobile Technology, Statistics and Crime Prevention
  • Nils Hellberg (© Christian Kruppa / GDV)
    Nils Hellberg
    Head of Liability, Credit, Cyber, Marine, Aviation, Accident and Legal Expenses Insurance, Assistance, Statistics
  • Oliver André Hauner (© Christian Kruppa / GDV)
    Oliver André Hauner
    Head of Property Insurance, Engineering, Loss Prevention and Statistics
  • Siegfried Brockmann
    Siegfried Brockmann
    Head of Accident Research
  • Patrik Maeyer (© Christian Kruppa / GDV)
    Patrik Maeyer
    Head of Business Administration, Operations and IT / Head of Crisis Response Centre for IT-Security (LKRZV)

Centre of Competence: Corporate Management and Regulation
Head: Götz Treber

  • Tim Ockenga
    Tim Ockenga
    Head of Investments
  • © GDV
    Dr. Thiemo Hustedt
    Head of Financial Regulation
  • Volker Landwehr (© Christian Kruppa / GDV)
    Dr. Volker Landwehr
    Head of tax department
  • Margarita Winter (© GDV)
    Margarita Winter
    Head of Accounting/Risk Management/Internal Audit

Finance, Human Resources, Services

  • Thomas Kräutter (© GDV)
    Thomas Kräutter
    Managing Director Finance, Human Resources, Services
  • Markus Rickmann (© Christian Kruppa / GDV)
    Markus Rickmann
    Head of Budget/Finance and Accounting/Controlling
  • Dr. Erik Rosenboom (© Christian Kruppa / GDV)
    Dr. Erik Rosenboom
    Head of Human Resources