The Posi­ti­ons of Ger­man Insu­rers in 2020: Career oppor­tu­ni­ties in ins­urance

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Digitization, demography, climate change, low interest rates, consumer protection: the industry and its jobs are changing faster than ever before.

Digitalisation is more prevalent in insurance than in many other areas. Customer behaviour is undergoing a sea change. Employees expect a modern working environment allowing for a healthy work-life balance. And the financial supervisory authority calls for a lean organisation with commensurate distribution and administrative costs. That is another reason why insurers optimise their processes on an ongoing basis. However, the staff need to be included in these changes, and the industry must also present itself as an attractive employer to university graduates and young people embarking on their career if it is to succeed in the war for talent. Seeing change as an opportunity is therefore a motto that underpins the daily work in insurance.


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