#GDV­live - Online Panel-Dis­cus­sion

The Path to Sustaina­ble Eco­nomy - Pas­cal Can­fin in dis­cus­sion with Ger­man Insu­rers

Tough negotiations until 5am in the morning: The European Parliament and the Council just recently agreed to a new Climate Law that commits the EU to reducing the GHG emissions by 55% until 2030. It is only a first step on the path to climate-neutrality by 2050, however, an irreversible one. What does that mean for German Insurers?

What can and what should German Insurers expect from a new Sustainable Finance Action Plan? What are the hopes and predictions for the coming years on the path to sustainable economy? Our distinguished speakers:

  • Pascal Canfin, Chair of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety and negotiator for the European Parliament
  • Jörg Asmussen, CEO of the German Insurance Association

Moderation: Mehreen Khan, EU Correspondent, Financial Times

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