Sta­ti­sti­cal Year­book 2018

Stron­ger growth in the Ger­man ins­urance indus­try

In 2017, the German insurance industry exhibited a higher growth rate in terms of premium income and number of contracts compared to the prior year. Insurers’ asset portfolios also rose markedly, as reported by the German Insurance Association (GDV) in its Statistical Yearbook 2018.

Premium income for primary insurers was close to EUR 198 billion in 2017, an increase of 1.9 percent. In 2016, the sector had reported a growth rate of 0.2 percent. 

The insurance portfolio increased to 434.9 million policies. This represents a growth rate of 0.9 percent, compared to 0.5 percent in 2016. The number of property and casualty insurance contracts (P&C) grew to 312.3 million (+1.3 percent), while healthcare insurance reached a total of 34.3 million policies (+1.2 percent). In contrast, the life insurance portfolio fell by 1.0 percent to 88.3 million.

Sixth largest insurance market in the world

The German insurance market is the sixth largest in the world in terms of premium income. In 2017, Germany accounted for approximately 4.6 percent of global insurance premiums. The US remains the biggest market with a share of 28.2 percent, followed by China with 11.1 percent. China has gained ground rapidly in recent years: in 2010, the Chinese market had accounted for a mere 4.9 percent of global premiums.

You can find further statistics on the German insurance industry at GDV.DE under Zahlen & Fakten.

Ordering and online service

The latest edition of the Statistical Yearbook provides deep insights into the German insurance industry – from performance data for the life, healthcare and P&C business lines and an international comparison of insurance markets to background information on the economic and social environment for insurers. This makes it a valuable reference guide for anyone looking to get a fact-based overview of the German insurance sector and its business environment.

The Statistical Yearbook 2018 is available for purchase at the “Verlag Versicherungswirtschaft” for EUR 7.80 plus VAT and shipping. The publisher offers volume discounts for orders of 20 copies or more.



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