Road Safety

eCall – Save lives and ensure free custo­mer choice

eCall (Pan European Emergency Call) is a central element of the European eSafety initiative . The European Commission expects that eCall will help to reduce fatalities and the severity of injuries for victims of road accidents. The aim is to reduce the period of time between the accident and the arrival of the rescuers to a minimum. German motor insurers welcome and expressly support the eSafety initiative.

At the same time, the GDV would like to warn of unintended economic risks for consumers and a wide range of stakeholders. Free consumer choice as well as free and fair competition have to be ensured. With the telematics-based eCall, a technology finds its way into motor vehicles which may also be used for numerous other purposes leading to consumer benefits. It is vital that the access to this communication technology will not be restricted.

How does eCall work?
By means of built-in-sensors, serious car accidents are detected. The in-vehicle telematics system automatically and immediately triggers an eCall. It transmits a Minimum Set of Data including location data from the place of the accident to the Public Safety Answering Point. At the same time, a voice communication with the passengers will be established. If necessary, manual eCall activation by the passengers is also possible.

The GDV’s complete position paper is available in the download section.

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