#GDV­live - Online Panel-Dis­cus­sion

AI the Euro­pean Way: Inno­va­tion through Trust and Pro­tec­tion

On 21 April the European Commission published its long awaited legislative proposal on artificial intelligence.  The Commission aims to create trust in AI applications on the European market by setting the standard for ethical AI. At the same time, clear rules are supposed to foster innovation. Regulating a fast-developing technology is never an easy task – hence, the pressing question arises: Has the proposal managed to strike the delicate and much needed balance?

Our distinguished speakers:  

  • Marcel Kolaja, European Parliament, Vice-President

  • Kilian Gross, European Commission, Head of Unit

  • Wolfgang Hauner, Allianz SE, Head of Group Data Analytics

Moderation: Lenka De Mauro, German Insurance Association.

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