The Posi­ti­ons of Ger­man Insu­rers in 2020: Con­su­mer pro­tec­tion

Ade­quate rights for the digi­tal world

In order for everyone to benefit, the legal framework from the analog world must be adequately adapted to digital progress.

Digital progress will accelerate and exercise growing influence on almost all areas of life. We can hardly imagine going without search engines, navigation devices and other digital aids any more. The insurance sector is no exception, one example being intelligent image recognition to speed up claims processing. These innovations benefit consumers. However, they also bring new risks: what happens with the vast data quantities accumulated within these systems? How can their security be ensured? How are decisions made by intelligent systems to be understood and corrected in case of doubt, for example because people are being systematically excluded in a digital employee selection process? Committees have addressed these issues at a national and a European level. The legislator has to adapt the legal framework from the analogue world to the digital world. Before churning out new laws and regulations, however, they should start by assessing if the current legal framework might actually be sufficient.

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