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GDV calls for EU law check for more competitiveness

In June, EU citizens will elect a new European Parliament. What do insurers operating in Germany want from European legislation in the coming years?

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GDV has presented its list of priorities for the coming EU legislative period. The focus is on demands for a structural reduction in bureaucracy. One suggestion: new laws should be systematically examined in advance to determine whether they are more likely to strengthen or hinder the competitiveness of European companies.

"Particularly in the area of digitalization, European legislators should focus their attention on high-risk applications such as in the field of AI," says GDV CEO Jörg Asmussen. "Innovations that do not involve a clear risk should be promoted rather than hindered by balanced regulation."

Thinking holistically about bureaucracy reduction in future

In general, bureaucracy reduction must be considered holistically in future. "It's not just about tidying up existing rules. Financial and technical resources that are freed up can be used more effectively and thus promote the competitiveness and strength of the internal market," said Asmussen.

GDV would also like to see closer cooperation between the European and national levels in the future. "The implementation of EU legislation at national level often overshoots the mark, for example when it comes to data protection. With clear and reliable provisions at all levels, we prevent over- or double regulation and ensure secure implementation," says Asmussen.

In addition, the insurance industry is committed to a European legal framework that includes protection targets for climate-adapted construction.

The entire list of priorities can be downloaded here:

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