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Asmussen on the EU Data Act

With the EU Parliament's formal vote on the EU Data Act, the potential of the digital age is gaining momentum. GDV CEO Jörg Asmussen comments.

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"Today's vote by the European Parliament on the EU Data Act formally sets the course for the digital age. The European legislator is showing the necessary foresight by regulating access to data from networked devices. The Internet of Things can also open up opportunities for new services for insurers.

Smart vehicle data that facilitates and accelerates claims settlement in the event of an accident is particularly interesting. However, there is a need for legislation to catch up in such use cases. It is important that vehicle owners retain full control over their data. The balanced approach to the protection of business secrets and the remuneration of data is pleasing. This is an aspect that should also be implemented in the proposal for the Financial Data Access Regulation (FiDA)."