Sta­ti­sti­cal Year­book 2017

More than 430 mil­lion ins­urance poli­cies for the first time

At year-end 2016, German primary insurers held 431 million insurance policies, around two million more than 12 months before. Premium income increased slightly to € 194 billion, reports the German Insurance Association (GDV) in its Statistical Yearbook 2017.

The number of property and casuality insurance contracts increased to 307.9 million (2015: 304.3 million), while the number of private health insurance contracts rose to 33.9 million (2015: 33.6 million). The number of life insurance policies, in contrast, fell by 700,000 to 89.3 million. The decline was largely due to the fact that many life insurance policies - signed prior to the introduction of income tax changes in 2004 - fell due in 2016. Under this provision, income from these policies was declared to remain tax-exempt after a 12-year holding period.

Life insurers pay nearly EUR 88 billion

Life insurers paid around € 87.7 billion in claim benefits to their customers last year. Including reserves set aside for future obligations, financial payouts amounted to € 115 billion (2015: € 116.5 billion). Property and casualty insurers paid nearly € 49.3 billion in claims settlements  (2015: EUR 48.1 billion). Benefits data for private health insurers are not yet available.

Premium income from property and casualty insurance increased last year to around € 66.3 billion (2015: € 64.4 billion), while gross premiums of around € 90.8 billion were registered in 2016 (2015: € 92.7 billion). Private health insurers earned a volume of  € 37.3 billion in premiums (2015: € 36.8 billion).

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The current Statistical Yearbook provides further information on the German insurance industry—from business performance in life, private health and property and casualty insurance to an international comparison of insurance markets to the economic and societal environment for insurers. The Yearbook is a valuable reference work for everyone interested in gaining an overview of the German insurance industry and its economic environment through “hard” figures.

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