Sta­ti­sti­cal Year­book 2019

Ins­urance in figu­res

With nearly EUR 1.7 trillion in capital investments and almost 438 million policies in primary insurance alone, the insurance industry is a cornerstone of the German economy. Find more first-hand data, numbers and statistics in the Statistical Yearbook 2019.

In 2018, premium income in primary insurance exceeded EUR 200 billion for the first time ever. The growth rate of more than 2 percent stems above all from the P&C (EUR 70.7 billion in premiums, +3.4%) and Life (around EUR 92 billion in premiums, +1.5%) lines.

Considerably more P&C claims paid 

P&C claims paid increased by a significant 4.7 percent to roughly EUR 52.5 billion. This increase was primarily driven by higher payouts to settle claims related to losses resulting from storms and other natural hazards. In the comprehensive insurance on buldings, payouts rose by 14.6 percent to nearly EUR 6 billion, in 2018. 

The Statistical Yearbook not only provides comprehensive performance data for the individual lines of insurance, it also offers information on the macroeconomic and social backdrop as well as international comparisons.

Printed copies of the German edition are available for purchase at the “Verlag Versicherungswirtschaft” from mid-September for EUR 9.70 plus VAT and shipping (visit the online store or send an e-mail to The publisher offers volume discounts for orders of 20 copies or more.

Single copies of the German edition can be requested free of charge by e-mail at or downloaded here. You can find further statistics on the insurance sector at GDV.DE under Zahlen & Fakten.

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