Chinese insurance market

Requests of the German insurance industry for improved access

Even after the facilitation measures taken within the scope of China’s entry into the WTO with respect to market access or operations within China, there are still legal provisions and procedures of competent authorities which place German insurance companies at a disadvantage compared to domestic insurance companies or unnecessarily impede them. These are, in particular:

  • discriminations with respect to the expansion of operations of foreign insurance companies to other provinces and cities of the country
  • restrictive rules on shareholdings in insurance companies and limits on shareholdings for life insurance companies
  • the obligation for foreign insurers to enter the Chinese insurance market in the life insurance sector only in the form of joint ventures
  • formal obstacles to licencing in important lines.

These and other problems existing in the Chinese insurance market are described in more detail in the full version of the Comments.

Zur Stellungnahme auf Deutsch: GDV fordert verbesserten Zugang zum chinesischen Versicherungsmarkt


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Requests of the German insurance industry for improved access to the Chinese insurance market